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  • Kiku Traditional Japanese Restaurant 06
  • Kiku Traditional Japanese Restaurant 06
  • Kiku Traditional Japanese Restaurant 06
  • Kiku Traditional Japanese Restaurant 06
A Japanese Cultural Hotspot In The Heart Of Dubai
Call to Reserve: +971 4 702 2455
A charming reflection of Japan’s exotic culinary heritage, Kiku is a homage to the land of the rising sun with its classic Japanese cuisine. Inspired and influenced by different aspects of Japan’s vibrant culture and art, the culinary offerings evoke a sense of nostalgic comfort to Japanese expatriates and tourists who crave authentic Japanese cuisine, offering a memorable destination dining experience.

Aiming to recreate the culinary heritage from centuries past, the signature offerings at Kiku are created by infusing a unique combination of imported Japanese ingredients. With Otoro and Akami flown in from Tsukiji market, fresh Uni from Hokkaido, organic miso paste from Nagano and the finest cuts of Kobe beef sourced from Kansai, among other specialty ingredients. The award-winning team has curated a unique selection of traditional favourites and signature delicacies that allows diners to experience a bit of Japan right here in Dubai. Signature dishes like Gindara Misozuke, Kinki, Nodoguro, Kaisen Bento as well as seasonal offerings like Soramame, Hotaru Ika and Ayu lean heavily on authentic recipes yet are subtly adapted to suit Kiku’s dining ambience.

Drawing diners into an immersive dining experience, the live Teppanyaki table enthralls guests with the showmanship and aromas of the finest cuts of Wagyu, freshest catch of the day and Kobe beef roasted over the sizzling iron griddle.

Sourcing the freshest and finest varieties of tuna, salmon and ebi, the Live Sushi bar is where the magic unfolds and guests can relish the authentic flavours of assorted sushi, sashimi and tempura. Elevating its authentic offerings, the Washitsu or traditional Japanese style rooms with tatami mats allow patrons to experience Kiku’s hospitality and novel offerings in absolute privacy.

Pushing the boundaries of stellar dining experiences and combining the chef’s 35 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, Kiku is home to over 20 varieties of Sake and Sochu, ranging from the crisp, sweet Dassai -“50”- Junmai Daiginjō, Kubota Senju Tokubetsu Honjyozo, to the sublime notes of Dewazakura Oka Ginjo, lush Plum wine, sourced from across the landscape of Japan, along with an extensive selection of wines that can be paired with specialties like Kinki, Nodoguro, sushi and sashimi.

Kiku’s chic minimalist décor, spruced with displays of traditional art and intricately detailed silk kimonos, combined with an extensive selection of authentic Japanese delicacies creates the prefect ambience for social and business dining amid impeccable Japanese hospitality.
Kiku Traditional Japanese Restaurant 8
  • Location
  • Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Airport Road, PO Box 10001, Dubai -
  • Opening Hours:
Lunch 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Dinner 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Chef Toshio Date's journey with Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre began as Head Chef in July 2012. Prior to helming Kiku, Chef Date, over the past 3 decades, has managed numerous kitchens across noteworthy addresses in Japan, displaying exceptional command over his native cuisine and is a licensed Fugu chef.

Combining his illustrious professional experience and inherent passion for the cuisine, Chef Date brings to Kiku a unique culinary style that is a harmonious blend of Japan's cultural and culinary legacy. Drawing inspiration from traditional favourites and preparation styles, Chef Date's culinary expertise is evident in Kiku's exotic fare that is the numero uno choice for Japanese expatriates, as well as tourists, who crave authentic Japanese cuisine and dine frequently at the restaurant. A perfectionist in the kitchen, Chef Date believes that the secret to delivering an exceptional dining experience is by combining culinary flair with authentic ingredients imported all the way from Japan. Chef Date serves a curated fare at Kiku that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Japanese cuisine. His signature dishes, including Kinki, Kaisen Bento, Gindara Misozuke, Nodoguro, as well as seasonal offerings like Ayu, Soramame, and Hotaru Ika pay homage to Japan's culinary heritage and regional specialties while upholding Kiku's dining philosophy.

Eager to stay relevant to Dubai's ever evolving food and beverage landscape, Chef Date has subtly evolved Kiku's fare, adding phenomenal dishes and culinary masterpieces to the menu yet remaining true to his native roots.